Celebrate your Dog's Birthday Party with a Dog Birthday Cake from our dog bakery

How to Plan your Dog's Birthday Party!

How to plan your dog's Birthday Party complete with a dog cake and party decoration!

Bobby and Bambi's Birthdays are a very big deal in our household! Every since Bobby became a part of our family, we planned fun Dog Birthday parties for him. He is now 14 1/2 years old, so that's a lot of parties! He actually knows the Birthday song and every time he hears me singing it he does a happy dance! People would tell me I was crazy and over the top for celebrating Bobby and Bambi's birthdays. I'm so happy it's now the norm!

Planning your dog's birthday party is not only fun for your dog, but also fun for you! I don't know about you, but it brings me so much happiness to see my dogs happy!

Putting a dog party can be easy and painless. Especially when you can get everything in one place!

Here's our guide to help you plan the perfect birthday party or a birthday photoshoot for your dog's special day!


dog birthday cake for your dog's next birthday party - Bobby + Bambi's Dog Bakery
We love the saying " A party without cake is just a meeting." There is no party without Cake! Here are 4 dog cake ideas for your dog's birthday! We love these classic designs and a themed party would be so much fun!


1. Sprinkle WoofDay Cake (our most popular cake) $28.95
2. Crown Cake $32.95
3. Coconut Sprinkle Cake $24.95
4. Bundt Cake $14.95


All of the cakes above are gluten-free and baked in our health department certified commercial kitchen in sunny California! Our cakes are made with human-grade, organic, and all-natural ingredients. Our yogurt-based frosting is colored with veggies and nothing artificial. How cool is that?

Click here to see all of our adorable and fun cakes!

Looking for something custom? Click here for our custom dog cake form and pricing.



Plan your dog's birthday party with a cute hat and dog birthday cake
Birthday hats are not only fun but it lets everybody know who the Birthday Pup is! Every dog should feel special on their birthday!
We love all things glitter and we have four adorable party hat ideas!


1. WoofDay Party Hat $4.95
2. Silver Crown Hat $4.95
3. Gold Crown Hat $4.95
4. Mini Crown with Hair Clip $9 



Party decorations for your dog's birthday party. Perfect addition to your dog's birthday cake!

Backdrops truly add that extra oomph to any birthday party! Plus, it makes that Instagram photo really pop! Adding balloons and/or garland will surely liven up your dog's party!
Here are some background garland ideas!


1. Gold Happy Birthday Mylar Balloon Garland $10.99
2. Glitter Happy Birthday Garland Banner $ $10.99 ( GOLD or SILVER )
3. Fun themed garlands $10. ( Donut Garland  or Ice Cream Garland
4.Tassel Garlands (Sky or Pink)

Click here to see all of our party decorations! 

We also have complete party packages and they ship free! Click the link to check them out!! https://www.bobbyandbambi.com/collections/party-packages

Hope you enjoyed our how-to birthday party guide and gave you some inspiration for your dog's Birthday Party! We wish your dog the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!

Thank you so much for reading our first dog blog post!

Until next time!

Lots of Woofs,

Minyoung Morita

Bobby + Bambi's


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